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Entrepreneur - Producer/Director - A&R and Business Concept Development/Implementation

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Born into a modest migrant European family in Melbourne - Australia, Chess Julia Allan has been working in Business, Advertising, Strategy, Marketing and Entertainment since she was 15 years of age. 

Determined to create a real living from her creative endeavours and passions, Chess trained from the age of 10 in Theatre and Allied Arts in Melbourne – making her professional start in the theatre and voiceover worlds as a teenager. Chess worked in the entertainment industry, on both sides of the camera for her entire adult life. Under the guidance of a well-established mentor in Television Production, Chess established her own media and music production business, and by the time she reached 19, her diverse skills placed her in an enviable position where she was producing, directing, writing, creating and implementing strategic marketing solutions, media buying and developing successful marketing and brand strategies for multi-national Australian companies.

Never fully letting go of her childhood passions, at the age of 21, whilst performing and continuing to run her boutique advertising, music and marketing company, Chess was invited by a New York Artists Management firm to move to the 'Big Apple' for six months to record and release two duet singles with the legendary 'Tiny Tim'.

Throughout her 20s, Chess continued her entertainment, music and production endeavours in her full-service creative and production house, and crossed over into outside artist management and development. Her diverse experience as a director, musician, writer and performer gave her a unique talent to recognise the finest qualities and potential of other artists and to work closely with artists to develop these talents '360 degrees' for commercial promotion and endeavour.

Chess’s career has taken her around the world and provided her with the opportunity to work with many respected professionals from a diverse cross-section of the business, media and entertainment industries. Her experience and list of credits make for a very lengthy resumé of achievements. Chess owned one of Australia’s most recognised recording studios in the 1990s, recording The Fugees, Rage Against The Machine and Killing Heidi, just to name a few.

Chess was also the publisher and editor of an industry fashion magazine; has co-hosted a national Television programme for the Medical industry 'Good Health TV together with Dr Sally Cockburn'; has owned an internationally-recognised production and post-production facility; developed and executed a range of highly successful marketing campaigns and product event launches for a range of recognised Australian and international brands; owns an Entertainment Production Company, Artist and Repertoire Management Company and Private Record Label. Chess runs a complementary group of Business, Entertainment and Marketing businesses, which she still heads up today.

With 'life-changing' successes (and the odd misadventure for good measure), Chess’ experience has culminated to reveal a strong creative intelligence, keen eye for design and detail, a passion for successful negotiation, combined with a wealth of production experience.

After taking out almost a decade to start a family, Chess now returns to take the reins of new creative projects that more specifically reflect her desire to share experiences, stories, music and entertainment with a global audience in the world of business development concepts and entertainment production.

It is widely accepted that film directors are both managers and artists – and throughout her successful career as a producer, performer, voiceover artist, film editor, composer and media executive – Chess has been a strategic player in all forms of creative endeavour. She has also personally managed large teams of production personnel in high-end television and radio production, with one of her personal team members going to Hollywood and becoming one the biggest names in the global horror and adventure/thriller genres – James Wan of ‘Saw' and 'Fast and The Furious' fame.

Chess has also professionally managed budgets and production schedules to an expert degree of detail and accountability. Her knowledge and experience in complex production processes provides a secure platform from which Chess and her hand-picked team of talented collaborators are able to develop and deliver a wealth of important, creative projects.